Collagenic Bodylift Elixir

Dr. Muller Collagenic Bodylift Elixir
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Application: Apply the Collagenic Bodylift Elixir on your skin whenever you like. In the morning to welcome the day, in the evening to say goodbye to it, before taking a sunbath of after it or after taking a shower. The elixir is intended for external application only. And it is for those who want a beautiful skin, the elixir is also for face and décolleté.
Please avoid direct contact with the eyes. In case of skin irritation, please do not use it.

The Dr. Müller Collagenic Bodylift was awarded the rating Dermatest VERY GOOD. All components, ingredients and services are purchased in Germany. With the help of genetic engineering, renewable raw materials according to strict ethic and ecological principles the Dr. Müller Collagenic Bodylift was made.

The elixir complies with the EU regulations. Furthermore, no animal experiments and/or child labour were involved in the production of the elixir. ,It does not contain any phototoxic substances according to the UV Fibel 7.1 of the Federal Office for Radiation Protection – Germany. collagenic does not contain any mineral oil, glycerine, long-chain parabens, formaldehyde and is free from EO & PEG. Without sun protection.

You can use the Collagenic Bodylift before or after a light therapy session in the Dr. Müller Collagenic or Beauty Light Therapy devices.

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